6 thoughts on “Less than 90 sleeps…”

  1. My goal last year was to do some mushroom hunting but it never materialized because I was feeling so crappy, but this year I’m feeling much better, so I hope to take my book out into the woods to see what I can find. Of course, I’ll be waiting a bit longer than you for the snow to clear, though!

    1. Here’s a suggestion….find a local mycology buff and do a story on him or her for the paper. Your research can include a trip to the woods with someone who knows the ropes.

  2. We live in a fairly inhospitable climate. In parts of the Excited States they will be picking morels in March while we have to wait another 10 weeks for things to warm up. We have a wood stove and we have never fired it up in July or August but we have fired it up in each of the other 10 months of the year. Clearly Canadians need to get out and do whatever they can to cause global warming to happen as quickly as possible. Go go global warming!!

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