Lactarius deliciosus

I found just one of these mushrooms today. I believe it is likely Lactarius deliciosus, known as the saffron milk cap. When I saw it, I thought it might by L. thyinos because I couldn’t see any staining. However, this mushroom did stain when handled. Last year, I collected a number of L. thyinos, which were a brighter orange with very bright orange milk. Both are edible but L. thyinos is better. Still, good to know there are milk caps in this forest.

2 thoughts on “Lactarius deliciosus”

  1. Hey, my family is trying to find this everywhere in Ontario, unfortunately , we don’t any luck like we did in Banff, would happen to know anywhere we can spot these beauty? They are delicious !!

    1. Hi Sam. There is lots of pressure on all the spots I go to find a few mushrooms. If I gave out my spots, I simply wouldn’t have anyplace to forage. As a result, I can’t really tell you where to go. I only know of one forest where there are enough of these to go picking just for them. It’s a mixed forest and the mushrooms grow in a low-lying area near a creek. If you go up to cottage country, you might find an even better mushroom, Lactarius thyinos, under cedar trees, near lakes. Good luck.

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