Cover of "Dirt Farmer"
Cover of Dirt Farmer

I just heard on the radio that Justin Bieber has his own line of fragrances. I told Tuffy P about it, suggesting that The Beebs has a little lab in a trailer he takes with him everywhere, and after performances, he goes back there and invents new fragrances – a life-long interest, don’t you know.

Tuffy P suggested that  Levon Helm should get his own fragrance called Dirt Farmer. She said, “Now that’s a fragrance I’d buy for my man.”

Do I get some kind of prize for mentioning Justin Bieber and Levon Helm in the same post?

2 thoughts on “Dirt”

  1. My fragrance will be made up of Dirt Farmer from tha’ Beeb-a -leebz sweat glandz post performance-mixed wit some High Karate…I got dollah sighnz in my eyeballz!!


  2. Dirt Farmer does sound much more evocative than Manufactured Pop Star or whatever Beiber’s fragrance line is called. I imagine it being packaged in an old whiskey bottle.

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