The Tomato Garden

This is a new garden this year. I made it surrounding the bird house, which by the way is still occupied by a family of sparrows. We see them anytime we are not ready with a camera. I have a morning glory growing up the pole, some basil and lettuce and Swiss Chard and a number of tomato plants that were grown from seed and given to me by my friend Spicecat. This garden, like much of my yard has marginal sun for tomatoes, but they’re doing quite well and I expect a fine crop.

One thought on “The Tomato Garden”

  1. My sister in law gave me a tomato plant this year, that was about 4 inches tall when I planted it a couple of weeks ago. Considering that I normally have to plant tomatoes that are already a good two feet tall in order to get any produce, I am not expecting much from this little guy.

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