If a head cold gets bad enough, you start to think about….ukuleles

I know you’ve been waiting for it….a uke version of The Girl from Ipanema….yes, it’s that bossa nova uke head-cold groove.

Regular programming will resume when I once again feel like a human being.

OK OK, a bonus cut…..here’s Anarchy in the UK for uke….

6 thoughts on “If a head cold gets bad enough, you start to think about….ukuleles”

  1. Okay, street. You’re killing me now. The kid doing “The Girl From Ipanema” is so endearing, and he plays the uke so well. Still, there is something that is not RIGHT about the total package. I bobbed my head along to the rhythm while at the same time laughing until tears came.

    As for the Sex Pistols cover, I don’t know what to say about that.

        1. Curiously enough, when I stumbled upon the Girl from Ipanema video, I thought of you. Look at it this way. I refrained from posting the Martin Mull blues uke video.

          1. I have accepted your invitation to follow you in Pinterest. I am not exactly sure why.

            The the photo of the canoe garden looks really cool up top there. Well arranged.

            1. It’s like this Steve. I had no idea I invited anyone to follow me in Pinterest. I’m not even sure why I have photos up there except that it’s handy to have grouped photodumps. If I had realized I was inviting people aboard, I certainly would have invited you and I’m glad you’ve accepted my invitation, even if I hadn’t realized I sent it. Those darned social medias…..they’re always encouraging sociability. I’ll ruin my image as a crusty crank. cheers.

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