Ellie Mae RIP

We lost our fantastic Newfoundland dog Ellie Mae this morning. She was a fabulous dog – gentle, strong-willed, fantastically lazy, a great actress, and a delight to have around.

DSC01946In this photo, she’s just scarfed down the last of one of the cat’s dinner, and needed a little lie down after.

And in the video below, watch Ellie and her pal Memphis go for a swim


4 thoughts on “Ellie Mae RIP”

  1. I’m sure Ellie Mae, Molly and Maggie are romping around together with all the other Newfies who’ve gone before. They are all so special and were on loan to us for just a few years…..

  2. Oh no. I am so sorry! I am sure that there is a huge gap in your household right now and not just because of Ellie Mae’s impressive size. She was a wonderful dog and I always loved hearing stores about her. My heart goes out to you, my friend.

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