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Country & Western

Remember Country & Western music? Somewhere along the way the “Western” part disappeared and everything went to hell. Let’s listen to some vintage Ernest Tubb…

And here’s Floyd Tillman Drivin Nails in my Coffin…

Remember Lefty Frizzell? Saginaw Michigan…

Let’s close with the Pavarotti of the Plains, the most excellent Don Walser singing his signature tune Rolling Stone from Texas. (Warning: contains awesome yodelling)

Over the top?

We were at a leash free park with the dogs yesterday and there was a doggy Easter event during which there were some free treats available for the dogs. This was sponsored by one of the local purveyors of pet food. We came home with a couple invididually pre-packaged samples. The dogs loved the treats, which looked like freeze-dried something or other.

I looked at the packaging and this is what I read:

A symphony of cage-free chicken, turkey and nest-laid eggs from local prairie farms, wild-caught fish from Vancouver Island and whole fruits and berries from the Okanagan and Fraser valleys – all delivered fresh and gently freeze-dried to lock in their goodness and taste.

Wow, these are treats for the elite among dog-lovers, the creme de la creme. These are treats that embrace the local foods movement, no less. Too bad they came individually wrapped up with plenty of plastic and cardboard.

We feed our dogs high quality dog foods, and we sometimes add in pureed pumpkin, canned mackerel or salmon, or some table scraps.  I confess though, this ingredient list seems a little over the top for me.

What do you feed your dogs?