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Long Branch Good Morning from 27th Street Aug 4th

Georgie Aug 4
the updside down clown, Georgie – on his 364th day on the earth..
MEmbles Aug 4
hey sister, soul sister…. Memphis relaxing after our walk this morning
Jacques and Shadow Aug 4
is this not a story in itself? Jacques and Shadow both not amused, and both not willing to budge.. getting the morning started isn’t smooth for everyone today…
what’s a day without amazing music? Get Dressed for the amazing Solomon Burke !!!!!!!

Home on the Long Branch range

Tour Leader Aug 2 2014
Long Branch’s own Wonder Cat leading me through the garden this morning…cue theme song…
Nice Old Stuff Garden Aug 2 2014
party goin’ on right here… thank you NICE OLD STUFF – rockin the SW Ontario world with amazing – nice old stuff!!!
Canoe Garden Aug 2 2014
so bring your good times and your laughter too… we gonna celebrate and party with you… riding through the canoe garden this morning … WHEEE
Sunflower Aug 2 2014
ce-le-braaaa-tion….planted by the squirrels – canoe garden launched it’s first sunflower bloom Aug 2, 2014!!
Hollyhocks Aug 2 2014
shake the spice of life today … some Earth Wind and Fire all day… holly hocks in the Hilton Garden – thank you Toni Hilton for gettin this garden bed zapping on your last visit to 27th Street!
Euegne holding Mem's ears Aug 1 2014
you go Memphis…. let those ears flip, flop and fly all day.. gonna have fun girl, -LANDSEER PRINCESS… boogie on down, share the spice of life..


His name has been Milo for 14 years. Surely it’s unfair to change it. OK, I won’t change it then – officially. I just call him Bruce. He seems to be ok with it. Bruce Milo has been doing well. Ever so slowly he’s getting used to the dogs. He sleeps beside Tuffy P’s head. He’s been going out some and he sticks close to home.

July25 backyard3

Milo’s Garden Adventure

IMG_1791Milo is a senior cat who has had outdoor privileges for a long time. He’s been with us a few weeks now, and this afternoon he demanded I let him out. He rubbed against me, ran to the door, scratched the door and meowed. I let him out, and the first thing he did was enjoy a little grass in the garden – before disappearing. A couple hours later, he reappeared and joined me on the porch (I was practicing the banjo at the time).