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Box of cat

DSC04536This is Jack Shadbolt (the cat, not the painter), enjoying a box. The best cat toys in existence don’t come from a cat toy manufacturer. They consist of a cardboard box, a string tied to a sick on one end and a crumpled bit of paper on the the other, and the best cat toy of all, a 3 or 4 foot length of craft paper draped over a box. If you want to get fancy, add two doorways to the box or make a castle with 3 or 4 boxes with passageways between them.

Back in the saddle

Our cat Jack Shadbolt seems to be just fine after his death-defying flight/fall from a neighbourhood treetop the other day. He did not appear injured after the incident but I expected next day when shock wore off and pain kicked in, he would be a mess. Not so. Today his appetite has been fine. He’s not showing any sensitivity. And, he want to go back out and do it all over again. For now we’re keeping the little tyke inside.