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Grooming Day for Memphis and Georgie

IMG_1982This morning I took the Newfs up to see Lorraine, who operates Peticure, to get them groomed. Lorraine is a fabulous groomer who has been keeping our dogs looking great for years. When we first met her, she was running a grooming truck and she would visit our home and groom the dogs in the van out front. The van had a tub and a table-lift and its own water tanks. All Lorraine needed what electricity and she was ready to go. IMG_1965The grooming truck is wherever old grooming trucks go now, and Lorraine has opened a small storefront grooming space on Davenport, east of Oakwood, just behind The Sandalman. It’s a way for us to go from Long Branch, considering our neighbourhood has several groomers, but that speaks to how happy we are with Lorraine’s work.

The biggest thing with grooming the Newfs is stripping out the old uncoat before it sheds out. They also get a bath, blow-dry, nails clipped, mats removed, paw fur trimmed and so on.

Their doggy mission, of course, is to get messed up again as quickly as possible, but for now they’re looking tip-top.IMG_1976

Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous Long Branch Aug 8

27th Street cutting down from Lakeshore
The Moon is in Zodiac Capricorn tonight (98%). Full Moon is on Sunday. It will then be 99% in Aquarius. Check it out:
Racoon Longbranch Aug 8
Going Vertical. This is what happens to racoons that see Georgie and Memphis..
Lakeshore, near Long Branch Animal Clinic
George Aug 8th Lakeshore
George. Lakeshore treat stop!
Membles Aug 8 on Lakeshore
just being a dog…Memphis on the Lakeshore
NightBuddies Aug 8
unison….lifemates….on our way back home… with George and Memphis.