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Over the top?

We were at a leash free park with the dogs yesterday and there was a doggy Easter event during which there were some free treats available for the dogs. This was sponsored by one of the local purveyors of pet food. We came home with a couple invididually pre-packaged samples. The dogs loved the treats, which looked like freeze-dried something or other.

I looked at the packaging and this is what I read:

A symphony of cage-free chicken, turkey and nest-laid eggs from local prairie farms, wild-caught fish from Vancouver Island and whole fruits and berries from the Okanagan and Fraser valleys – all delivered fresh and gently freeze-dried to lock in their goodness and taste.

Wow, these are treats for the elite among dog-lovers, the creme de la creme. These are treats that embrace the local foods movement, no less. Too bad they came individually wrapped up with plenty of plastic and cardboard.

We feed our dogs high quality dog foods, and we sometimes add in pureed pumpkin, canned mackerel or salmon, or some table scraps.  I confess though, this ingredient list seems a little over the top for me.

What do you feed your dogs?


Good training session for Georgie today. We worked on all kinds of things from basic walking, sits, downs, walking near another dog, sitting beside a strange dog, “touch” for two feet up on a platform, “up” for all the way up on the platform, stay on the platform, sit there while I go through the door first, and also some work on taking treats very gently.

It is as much training for us as it is for the dogs. We have to learn to give a command once and expect it to happen, to be clearer – really black and white – about what we expect – and to have the discipline to be consistent.

Next lesson in three weeks. For now we have homework.

Who’s training who?

We took the dogs up to a training centre near Cookstown this morning – the K9 Country Inn, for the first of a few training sessions. The idea is give Memphis a tune-up and teach Georgie basic obedience. George is likely going to be 180 pounds or even more when he matures so we want to be sure he will walk with good leash manners, not pull, not jump up, sit, lie down and so on. I learned a lot in just one session about how to go about this whole business. More on this as we make a little progress….


Fun at the lake

After work I took the Newfs over to the lake. We saw Buffy there playing fetch the stick in the water. She taught Georgie a thing or two about goofing around in the water, but he was still nervous to go in over his head.















Of course Memphis had a great time too.











Somehow young George found a burr patch. The photo shows all the burrs he managed to get deeply imbedded in his coat. Memphis got a couple but not nearly so bad as George.