At the 519…

IMG_1067We were very fortunate to have been invited to the annual 519 Gala tonight. The 519 is a fantastic community centre on Church St. in Toronto – and tonight k.d. lang gave a special performance in the centre’s ballroom. Great performance and a very nice dinner as well – and as a bonus we met some great people.

Winter – bring it on, we’re ready

IMG_2410I brought in some wood today, and filled up the shelf units on either side of the woodstove. I’ve also staged a couple months worth of wood outside the deck doors, some in a deck box and the rest on top, with covered with a tarp. The stove is in the Great Room, which is above the old garage. At one time the garage was a free-standing structure beside this house, but in the early 90s, the garage was joined to the house with this marvellous upstairs room. The original side door of the house now leads to a stairway up to the Great Room or down to a bathroom. One of the first things we did after moving to 27th Street was install the woodstove.  Our furnace doesn’t do a great job of heating that room, but the woodstove toasts everything up beautifully.

I think the picture of the dancers is going to have to be lowered. It’s been in place there since spring, but I think it’s a little close to the stove-pipe.

When we were married…

When we were Married is a J.B. Priestly play from 1938, a version of which is playing at the Shaw Festival. We drove down to Niagara-on-the-Lake yesterday to check it out.

The play is about three couples who are celebrating their Silver anniversary together – and find out that through a technicality none of them are really married.

I don’t know if it was the stuffy atmosphere up in the balcony or the cadence of the (apparently) Yorkshire accents or the actors or the production or what, but I confess – I fell asleep – several times. This play did not  capture my interest or imagination at all. Tuffy P didn’t find it very interesting either. We bailed at the intermission.

Who gets polled, and why?

Toronto is a pretty big city, around 2.8 million people.  Election polls sample a very small percentage of that – perhaps a couple thousand. How is it that for the upcoming Toronto municipal election I’ve been polled 5 times – and I’m pretty sure 3 of those polls were for the same outfit. What is it about my opinion that is so special the pollsters feel compelled to come back to me over and over and over?

It’s hard to believe the sample for each poll is randomly selected. So, who gets polled and why?


Yeah Baby! Angie Dickinson’s Police woman is here

The Real Deal, Angie Dickinson, TV Series Police Woman

What fun!! Mullets, moustaches and of course, Sgt. “Pepper” Anderson fighting LA crime.