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Strong Strong…like an Amazon

No I’m not talking about the company, I’m talking about the song. Song, what song? I had forgotten about it myself but I accidentally stumbled into it during an improvisational YouTube travelog.

I remember listening to this tune back in the 80s. I think I had it on some mix-tapes (kids, don’t make me explain cassettes please). It’s by Phranc, everybody’s favourite “All-American Jewish Lesbian Folksinger”. Here’s a great live version….


Paintings at Yumart

I just want to let everyone know I have some paintings in an exhibition called Goat Song at Yumart here in Toronto. There’s going to be an opening reception Saturday afternoon between 2 and 5. The gallery is located at 101 Spadina on the second floor.

Goat Song is a group exhibition with a number of excellent painters. If you’re looking for an interesting way to spend Saturday afternoon, drop by, join me for a beer and enjoy the exhibition.


Ice Storm

Nasty morning. Freezing rain still coming down. Everything is covered with ice. We have power but thousands in the city do not, may not get it back for a couple days. There’s a power line down a couple streets over. I tweeted the location out to the folks at Toronto Hydro, although the residents who live right there may have already called it in.

We took the dogs for a good long walk. George, the new pup, is doing quite well for a dog with no leash experience. It’s quite slippery to walk and I won’t be driving anywhere for a few hours. It’s supposed to warm up, which will help things out quite a bit.

Tuffy P is doing some morning baking, and the house smells wonderful. Her awesome peanut butter bombs just came out of the oven. In the interest of science, I tested a couple, and they are wonderful.

To Calgary and Back

I’m writing this at the Calgary airport, awaiting my flight back to Toronto. I’ve been here for a couple days on a work-related trip. My impressions of Calgary this trip are very positive, even though I only saw a tiny bit of the city, because I met some fantastic people, from blogger, music writer and blog-pal Barb B., AKA Bad-tempered Zombie, and her partner, mysteriously known as The Spousal Unit, to some great folks at our Calgary office.

Even restricted to a small portion of the city, I can see Calgary has grown quite a bit since I was last here. I got to experience some of Calgary’s whacky weather, too. There was a snow storm happening in the north part of the city on my arrival but this afternoon it was lovely and spring-like.

I confess to being pretty tired after a couple long days and an exceptionally early morning, and I’m looking forward to a nap on the plane. Bye Calgary, hope to visit again sometime soon.

Earworm Alert

I’ve had a tune called Duncan & Brady stuck on my brain today. I don’t know why. I haven’t even listened to it for quite a while, and it isn’t like it’s a big hit popular tune or anything. Oh well, the only thing to do is share it, so here it is, your Daily Dose of Duncan & Brady…

Here’s the mighty Dave van Ronk

And check out the Smokin’ Fez Monkeys…very nice job

Art Shopping

Tim Deverell, Memphis and Tuffy P
Tim Deverell, Memphis and Tuffy P

We were out at Yumart today – Yvonne Whelan’s gallery at 101 Spadina (here in Toronto of course) – for the opening of a group exhibition of small works. That’s Tim Deverell in the photo along with Memphis and Tuffy P. We hadn’t intended to buy art today, but we ended up buying two paintings (one of them by Tim D.) and one photo collage. There is some excellent work in this show, available at reasonable prices. Check it out.