Forked Deer

I came across this version of Forked Deer (that’s pronounced fork-kid) tonight surfing around on YouTube. I really like the relaxed pace on this one – a lot of versions of this tune seem to be played at lightning speed. The fiddler here is Joe Sites.

I’ve been listening to various versions of this one because I’m trying to learn it on clawhammer.

The Magnolia Bench – installing the mosaic sections

mosaicinThe Magnolia Bench mosaic was made in about 40 sections to be installed one at a time using polymerized mortar.  There were lots of adjustments to do along they way.  You can see pictures of the process at the Long Branch Mosaics blog.

Gone Girl – a good B movie with high budget actors

As we were watching Gone Girl tonight, I was thinking it was a quality B movie – the scheming Amy reminded me some of the Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction. The film  almost lost me until we started to get more information about what was going on. At that point I started to appreciate it. The last half-hour was a let down for me, though.  It simply wasn’t convincing enough. I confess I laughed out loud when Amy drove home soaked in blood.

One thing in this movie drove me crazy – and that was the actress who played the Detective – Kim Dickens. She seemed so familiar to me but I just couldn’t figure out what else I had seen her in. Of course as soon as we got home Google kindly reminded me she played Joanie Stubbs in Deadwood and also the Chef in Treme.

The thing about a really great B movie is the script delivers all the way through, and I think that’s what held back this film. Still, it was entertaining and it had some very good bits.

Assembling the Magnolia Bench

benchinstall4The guys from HGH granite delivered and installed the bench on-site with the help of their trusty crane. I posted a series of pictures of this process at Long Branch Mosaics.

The Carving – by Ruth Arnold

The new garden bench project features this carving in white oak by Ruth Arnold. carving1  The boulder has a hole drilled into it, and the carving has a steel threaded rod on the back.  The rod fits into the whole, which has been filled with silicone.carving_side

The Granite Yard

The initial ideas for the Magnolia Bench started to come together when we made our first visit out to HGH Granite in Dundas to look at stone and try to imagine how we might make it into a bench. The initial ideas Ruth, Sheila and I talked about changed quite a bit after that visit, when we learned what the crew at HGH could do to help us pull this project together.

rock yardI’ve posted several photos from this trip at the Long Branch Mosaics blog.


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