Honky Tonk Morning

Let’s take a little trip to Bakersfield…..Buck Owens and the Buckeroos performing Buck’s Polka

Wouldn’t if be fun if everybody dressed like Buck Owens? Just imagine going to the grocery store and all the cashiers and the customers have these Nudie suits happening.

Rome wasn’t built in a day….

Sometimes I just need a little dose of Nick Lowe. He’s one of just a handful of performers I can honestly say I’ve been listening to for 35 years.

Check out these beautiful, sparse performances. Damned near perfect (at least in my tiny little brain).

I remember like it was yesterday, going to Massey Hall back in the late 70s to see Mink DeVille followed by Nick Lowe and Rockpile and Elvis and the Attractions. That still stands up for me as one of the top music shows I’ve ever seen. Later I tired of Elvis but Nick Lowe has captivated my attention through the years.

Remember “I knew the bride when she used to rock ‘n’ roll?”

As for Mink DeVille, what can I say?

As a side note, I do believe that is Paul James on guitar on this performance of Spanish Stroll. Mr. James has a special place in our hearts – The Paul James Band rocked our wedding when Tuffy P and I got hitched back in the day.


I’ve got a paper in my shoe….

Here’s the late Boozoo Chavis and the Magic Sounds….just because we need more accordion music around this joint.

The Rattlesnake Song

Here’s Cathy Barton and Dave Para. I had a chance to hear them play quite a bit at Midwest Banjo Camp last June. They sound great together, and I really enjoy Cathy’s banjo style on that wonderful old Ode resinator banjo of hers.

A Fool Such as I (2 ways)

A Fool Such as I is a country tune written by Bill Trader in 1952. It was a hit for Hank Snow the following year. Here’s Hank and the Rainbow Ranch Boys. This tune has been very well recorded, and why not. It’s fabulous! Lefty Frizzel played it. So did the Pavarotti of the Plains, Don Walser. Handsome Ned played it. Even Bob Dylan recorded this one. Here’s Hank Snow and the Rainbow Ranch Boys.

Now for a a much different take on this tune, listen to Dean Martin. Very cool.


It’s Mighty Dark to Travel

Time to change the cat litter and I’m procrastinating (wouldn’t you?) by listening to some old time selections on the YouTube machine. Here are the South Carolina Broadcasters – I can tell you they are a seriously infectious group to hear live – performing It’s Mighty Dark to Travel in an informal setting….

Shortenin’ Bread

Shortenin’ Bread is a tune from the turn of the century – the 19th to the 20th that is. I grew up thinking of it as a children’s song but I’m rethinking that.

Check out this excellent performance by Chicken Train, filmed by a banjo picker named Dean Barber at Clifftop 2012.

That is some top-rate Old Time music in my books!

Here are some buskers called the Water Tower Bucket Boys playing it in Seattle back in 2009…check out the dancers!

Finally, just for the fun of it, here are the Collins Kids on Tex Ritter’s Ranch Party…