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Big Boy

Georgie is just over 10 months now, and although he still acts like a pup, he’s really becoming a big boy. -2Here he is with what he considers his new toy – the down-spout extension. For George, anything can become a toy.

I walked the dogs over to the vet’s yesterday evening and popped in to put Georgie up on the scale. He’s 127 lbs – just 10 pounds to go to catch Memphis. He’s still a little shorter than she is, and his body shape is a little different. Memphis  was 108 lbs at a year. George is already 20 lbs past that and he won’t be a year until August 5. Yikes!


Good training session for Georgie today. We worked on all kinds of things from basic walking, sits, downs, walking near another dog, sitting beside a strange dog, “touch” for two feet up on a platform, “up” for all the way up on the platform, stay on the platform, sit there while I go through the door first, and also some work on taking treats very gently.

It is as much training for us as it is for the dogs. We have to learn to give a command once and expect it to happen, to be clearer – really black and white – about what we expect – and to have the discipline to be consistent.

Next lesson in three weeks. For now we have homework.


Grooming Part II

Georgie went for his grooming session with the fabulous Lorraine yesterday and this morning it was Memphis’ turn. Georgie came along for company and got to play with his new pals Pele and Rollo.

IMG_0644After grooming, Lorraine had treats for the whole gang. Pele is the Old English Sheepdog. Rollo is just a little thing and she’s in the scrum there somewhere.

Photo on 14-03-23 at 2.03 PMAll this grooming reminded me that I was looking a little scruffy myself, so dropped the dogs off and headed to the barber shop.


Jack Darling Park with the Rangers

Today’s plan was to get the Rangers groomed, but unfortunately our awesome groomer had to reschedule. With the morning free, I decided to take them to the leash free park at Jack Darling in Mississauga, one of our favourite places to have fun with other dogs.

Conditions were a bit icy after a melt followed by a freeze with some areas that were best avoided. IMG_0529The photo shows the worst of the trails – the whole length of it (left side of the photo) is very slippery ice today. There were some other icy patches as well, but the dogs handled them well. IMG_0535You can see how this one short section of trail melted then refroze. The ice here was quite solid. I’d rather have the ice than melting slush, though.

The dogs played with many other dogs. George just couldn’t get enough. When we got back to the gate and Memphis and I were ready to go, George scheduled one more wrestling match, this time with a 10 month old great Dane (sorry I don’t have a photo…at this point my hands were getting cold and there was no way I was taking my gloves off unless I had to).

This trip must have tuckered both Rangers out. Georgie is sound asleep at the front door, and DSC05502Memphis is passed out on the dog bed a few feet from me. Come to think of it, I might just have a little nap too.

In Like a Lion?

In like a lion, out like a lamb, is that it? I just finished shoveling the overnight snow, maybe 6 or 7 cm of fluffy goodness. It’s cold and crisp, with little wind and the neighbourhood looks beautiful covered with fresh snow. It’s March though, and it’s time for this winter nonsense to gradually come to an end (please!). IMG_0367

The dogs of course love it. They staged a wrestling match out in the snow this morning and had a great time.



Now that’s a beautiful winter day…

Look how big Georgie is getting! I took them out to Jack Darling and they had the best time running and cavorting and wrestling.

It was also a haircut day….IMG_0178

I trundled off to an an old-school barber shop in the depths of the former South Etobicoke. It’s the kind of place where the barber cleans up the edges with a straight razor and the customers shoot the shit about local politics. I got so caught up in the atmosphere, I failed to scream NOOOOOO when the barber asked if I wanted my moustache trimmed. I was trying to grow it into something spectacular and now it’s been chopped back into the realm of the ordinary. Alas!