Long Branch Good Morning from 27th Street Aug 5th

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Yabba Doo!  Happy Birthday Georgie!! Way to go!!! 139 lbs of love!

George on his 1st birthday Aug 5 2014
Wipeout! “G” – after chasing an ice cube around the floor this morning…



Mem and George
ready to hit the trail… but first… there is a box of timbits to investigate…
Georgie! Aug 2 2014
Being good… this is not how the day ended for George…. but right now, right here, he is being the best doggie in the universe…


Geo and Mem in car
Loaded!! George and Memphis with us as we hit the road today
Geo and Mem 2
The look that says – got snacks? …ok I’ll take some cold air instead….
Geo and Mem3
George considering moving in with Memphis in the backseat…
Mem in the back seat Aug 2

Home on the Long Branch range

Tour Leader Aug 2 2014
Long Branch’s own Wonder Cat leading me through the garden this morning…cue theme song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M
Nice Old Stuff Garden Aug 2 2014
party goin’ on right here… thank you NICE OLD STUFF – rockin the SW Ontario world with amazing – nice old stuff!!!
Canoe Garden Aug 2 2014
so bring your good times and your laughter too… we gonna celebrate and party with you… riding through the canoe garden this morning … WHEEE
Sunflower Aug 2 2014
ce-le-braaaa-tion….planted by the squirrels – canoe garden launched it’s first sunflower bloom Aug 2, 2014!!
Hollyhocks Aug 2 2014
shake the spice of life today … some Earth Wind and Fire all day… holly hocks in the Hilton Garden – thank you Toni Hilton for gettin this garden bed zapping on your last visit to 27th Street!
Euegne holding Mem's ears Aug 1 2014
you go Memphis…. let those ears flip, flop and fly all day.. gonna have fun girl, -LANDSEER PRINCESS… boogie on down, share the spice of life..

Big Boy

Georgie is just over 10 months now, and although he still acts like a pup, he’s really becoming a big boy. -2Here he is with what he considers his new toy – the down-spout extension. For George, anything can become a toy.

I walked the dogs over to the vet’s yesterday evening and popped in to put Georgie up on the scale. He’s 127 lbs – just 10 pounds to go to catch Memphis. He’s still a little shorter than she is, and his body shape is a little different. Memphis¬† was 108 lbs at a year. George is already 20 lbs past that and he won’t be a year until August 5. Yikes!