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27th Street Garden Update

This morning, Tuffy P took over this blog to post about garden tour in Oshawa and Whitby. There was a request on the Twitter machine for some shots of our garden here at 27th Street.

You asked for it – you got it! Here’s a little slide show from a group of shots I snapped this morning…

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Tomato Train

I’ve tried growing tomatoes here at 27th Street but conditions are marginal because of shade from all the mature trees on and around the property. At our last home, on Blackthorn Ave, we had a small garden but it got a lot of sun and we were very successful tomato growers.

This year, I decided not to plant the usual bunch of tomoato plants, but we do have one “cheater” cherry tomato. I call it a cheater because we bought it already in bloom and even with our mediocre sun, we’ll get enough cherry tomatoes for several salads.

DSC05685I decided to make a tomato train, so I arranged the wagon behind the locomotive, set them up in front of Mrs. Goose and set the cherry tomato plant on the wagon.

The S Garden

I completed digging and preparing the S garden today, then did some initial planting. The trouble with a new garden is that it always takes a year or two before it starts to grow in and feel like it hasn’t just been planted – but you have to start somewhere.  The S made from river rock gives this garden some backbone. The area is shaded by the big locust tree but the canopy does not completely shut out the sun.

Our garden award rock, which should have come last Novemeber finally arrived the other day – they don’t know what happened – a rock was ordered for us but never made it to our house. The award was for top traditional garden in Ward 6 (which defines our municipal electoral boundary) for 2013. We’ve placed the rock at the head of the new S garden (and I put a little bird on it). We’ll add various other plants to this garden along the way. I planted several perennials today, including some grasses, ferns, a hosta, some bleeding heart, and more, accented with a flat of impatiens.