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The Marginal Veggie Garden

There is almost too much shade in our yard to have a veggie garden. I say almost because, well, we have one anyway. Garlic is doing well. Spinach, lettuce, onions all do well. Carrots do pretty good. Tomatoes and cucumbers are marginal…we get some but our yield isn’t nearly as good as it could be if we had a lot more sun.  We have two veggie areas – this one is a raised garden.

The marginal veggie garden
The marginal veggie garden

Adding to the garden…

Plant Sale
Plant Sale

I just got back with a carful of plants from the Roseland Horticultural Society plant sale. This sale happens every year at this time at Eglinton Flats, in the former Etobicoke here in Toronto. There was a great variety of perennials, annuals and even veggies available. My friend Spicecat was there with her usual excellent plant advice, and it looks like they’re going to do well at this sale today (which is a fundraiser for the organization), judging by the early crowd.

The Tomato Garden

This is a new garden this year. I made it surrounding the bird house, which by the way is still occupied by a family of sparrows. We see them anytime we are not ready with a camera. I have a morning glory growing up the pole, some basil and lettuce and Swiss Chard and a number of tomato plants that were grown from seed and given to me by my friend Spicecat. This garden, like much of my yard has marginal sun for tomatoes, but they’re doing quite well and I expect a fine crop.

The Clematis

The Jackmanii Clematis out front started blooming two days ago. They’re growing on the Leaning Tower of 27th Street, a makeshift trellis made up of a metal trellis that wasn’t tall enough with a wood trellis on top. The wood trellis broke from the weight so I reinforced it with three bamboo stakes, all wired together in a most haphazard manner. then I added a wood star to one side and the plants have started climbing the star now too. In another week or so this clematis will really start to show off.

Zucchini From Another Planet

It has been years since I’ve grown a zucchini plant. The last time was back at the house on Blackthorn when I planted two plants that gave me enough zucchini to feed a small country. I thought this year I would scale that back and just plant one. However, weather has been perfect and it’s been growing like crazy in the corner of my little veggie garden.