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IMG_0803We took a drive today to Jarvis Ontario, home to Nice Old Stuff, a store and a yard and a garage and a couple sheds full of just about anything. We loaded up the car with all kinds of stuff we “needed”, including material for a second book box (patience, patience, pictures in due course). We also came home with this concrete train planter. These things are seriously heavy items. I’m considering painting the train before planting it, although I think it looks great as is. Thanks to our neighbour Chris for helping unload these items.  There is no way I could have managed on my own.


Hey, we won something

The City of Toronto Etobicoke York District (whatever that is) has a ‘Great Garden Contest’ each year. This year, our front garden was nominated and has achieved 1st place in Ward 6 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) in the Traditional garden category (the other category is Alternative/Environmental garden). Yay!! According to the letter we received, over 330 nominated gardens were judged during the months of July and August by judges from local horticultural societies – Etobicoke, Roselands, Swansea, and Westway. I’m a member of Roselands, by the way, but I confess I’m a terrible member. I don’t go to any meetings or other events – except the annual plant sale, which is excellent.

2nd in our ward for traditional garden is 65 Jellicoe Avenue and 3rd is 105 Thirteenth St. In the other category in our ward, 19 Paula Blve is 1st, 166 Hillside Ave is 2nd and 55 Burlington St is 3rd.

For the entire district, the big winners are: Best Garden of the District – 291 Beresford Ave. 1st runner up is 27 Sagres Cres.

We’re going to figure out where the other winning gardens are and go check them out!

We appreciate that our garden is getting a little recognition. Each year we try to find ways to improve it. Here are a few photos taken at different times during the summer.

Summer Garden
Summer Garden
The Bench Garden
The Bench Garden






A new garden

I don’t know what came over me….I wasn’t planning on cutting a new garden this summer. I did have some soil on hand though, and while I was out in the back yard, I found myself visualizing the new garden, a modest circle. I cut out the grass and some roots and I dug it up and added in some fresh soil and made a border…..and then Mrs Goose flew over for a look.

Hi Mrs Goose.
Hi Eugene. Nice garden.
Thanks. Any suggestions what I should plant?
Well, I’m no horticulturalist, but I’d say you should have one dominant plant anchoring the garden, surrounded by some colour.
That sounds like a great idea, Mrs Goose. Any particular plants you’d like?
What do I know? I’m a goose. Why don’t you ask your blog readers for suggestions?
OK, I’ll do that. You’re a smart goose.

So, any suggestions for the new garden? It gets some sun during the day but is partially shaded because of the large spruce trees on the south side and the big silver maple on the north.