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Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous Long Branch Aug 8

27th Street cutting down from Lakeshore
The Moon is in Zodiac Capricorn tonight (98%). Full Moon is on Sunday. It will then be 99% in Aquarius. Check it out: unaf.com/english/astrology/moon-in-zodiacal-sign/capricorn/
Racoon Longbranch Aug 8
Going Vertical. This is what happens to racoons that see Georgie and Memphis..
Lakeshore, near Long Branch Animal Clinic
George Aug 8th Lakeshore
George. Lakeshore treat stop!
Membles Aug 8 on Lakeshore
just being a dog…Memphis on the Lakeshore
NightBuddies Aug 8
unison….lifemates….on our way back home… with George and Memphis.



Long Branch Good Morning from 27th Street Aug 5th

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Yabba Doo!  Happy Birthday Georgie!! Way to go!!! 139 lbs of love!

George on his 1st birthday Aug 5 2014
Wipeout! “G” – after chasing an ice cube around the floor this morning…


Long Branch Good Morning from 27th Street Aug 4th

Georgie Aug 4
the updside down clown, Georgie – on his 364th day on the earth..
MEmbles Aug 4
hey sister, soul sister…. Memphis relaxing after our walk this morning
Jacques and Shadow Aug 4
is this not a story in itself? Jacques and Shadow both not amused, and both not willing to budge.. getting the morning started isn’t smooth for everyone today…
what’s a day without amazing music? Get Dressed for the amazing Solomon Burke !!!!!!!

Home on the Long Branch range

Tour Leader Aug 2 2014
Long Branch’s own Wonder Cat leading me through the garden this morning…cue theme song… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M
Nice Old Stuff Garden Aug 2 2014
party goin’ on right here… thank you NICE OLD STUFF – rockin the SW Ontario world with amazing – nice old stuff!!!
Canoe Garden Aug 2 2014
so bring your good times and your laughter too… we gonna celebrate and party with you… riding through the canoe garden this morning … WHEEE
Sunflower Aug 2 2014
ce-le-braaaa-tion….planted by the squirrels – canoe garden launched it’s first sunflower bloom Aug 2, 2014!!
Hollyhocks Aug 2 2014
shake the spice of life today … some Earth Wind and Fire all day… holly hocks in the Hilton Garden – thank you Toni Hilton for gettin this garden bed zapping on your last visit to 27th Street!
Euegne holding Mem's ears Aug 1 2014
you go Memphis…. let those ears flip, flop and fly all day.. gonna have fun girl, -LANDSEER PRINCESS… boogie on down, share the spice of life..