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Foraging….checking out some new spots

Today was an exploration day.  The dogs and I found ourselves in some interesting forests today, and as a bonus we found enough mushrooms for a couple dinners.

IMG_1788Mostly I found chanterelles. There were a few boletes around but they were mostly not in the best shape. IMG_1778IMG_1781In one forest we came across a creek. The dogs found it before I did and by the time I got there, they were already in the water.IMG_1770IMG_1775

The stump in the last picture was covered with small mushrooms. I have no idea what they might be. It was a striking image. IMG_1785


George has allergies, likely environmental. I’ve read it’s been a bad season for dog allergies this year in particular. We’ve been treating him with a variety of creams and wipes and medicated shampoo and an antihistamine. That worked well for a while, but over the last few weeks, he’s been getting itchier and itchier all over and he’s been working on some hotspots. .

For the next week he’s getting a steroid to relieve the itch and the inflammation. After that our vet wants to take some swabs and reassess. Hopefully we can get him some relief quickly.  I hate to see him in discomfort.

Out and about…

We visited the Museum of Canadian Contemporay Art this afternoon for the opening of a show called Over the Rainbow. This show, which is part of World Pride Toronto celebrations features work from the fantastic collection of Salah Bachir and Jacob Yerex. The show was great, and we had a chance to talk to friends at the event.

We had left the dogs on their own at home while we were out so we decided to take them for a good romp out at Jack Darling Park

IMG_1554. The dogs had a blast. Georgie made friends with a little pooch named Casper who led him all around the park. IMG_1552

Jack Darling is the best designed dog park I’ve ever seen. It’s huge and has loads of trails and loads of variety. Our dogs love it there.

Big Boy

Georgie is just over 10 months now, and although he still acts like a pup, he’s really becoming a big boy. -2Here he is with what he considers his new toy – the down-spout extension. For George, anything can become a toy.

I walked the dogs over to the vet’s yesterday evening and popped in to put Georgie up on the scale. He’s 127 lbs – just 10 pounds to go to catch Memphis. He’s still a little shorter than she is, and his body shape is a little different. Memphis  was 108 lbs at a year. George is already 20 lbs past that and he won’t be a year until August 5. Yikes!


Georgie, our Newfoundland puppy (he’s 9.5 months old), has been enduring some itchy rashes on his underside this spring. His vet says it’s allergies. He makes it worse by scratching at the itchy areas.

We came home with a bag full of stuff to combat the problem. The goal is to treat it successfully without depending on antibiotics at this point. So we’ll be using various wipes and ointments and even a food supplement to up the essential fatty acids, and as well we’ll try an antihistamine.