For those who have been asking, George is doing very well. His cough is pretty much gone, he’s eating well again and he wants to play play play…

Kennel Cough

IMG_2409Georgie started coughing on the weekend. We called the vet and described the cough and she thinks it’s kennel cough.  That surprised us since he has had a vaccination against just that. Still, our vet says he can get it and this is likely what he has.  He must have picked it up from another dog, likely at one of the dog parks we visit.

He has to stay away from other dogs for a couple weeks because he’s contagious. Of course Memphis has been exposed but so far, he’s OK. George’s coughing has subsided considerably but he is still coughing some. Hopefully he’ll be fully recovered over the next few days.

Morning with the dogs

IMG_2311The dogs like the family to all be together all the time and when one of us isn’t around, they’re always a little bit out of sorts. I was away for just a couple days in Ottawa but when I got back yesterday early evening, I got the royal welcome, as if I had been away for weeks.

This morning I thought I’d take them to one of their favourite places, the huge leash-free area of Jack Darling Park. What a lovely morning! There were lots of dogs out for our crew to run around and play with and they had a great time. Last time we were there, Georgie lost the ball we brought along, and this time he found an identical one, which he carried around for 20 minutes before dropping it and forgetting all about it in favour of chasing a new friend. IMG_2314

The beauty of Jack Darling is that on one trip there Memphis and George can enjoy a lot of variety, plenty of interaction with other dogs as well as some time away from the crowd. It even has a water spigot with a few bowls available to provide cool fresh water for all the dogs.

I noticed Memphis was favouring her back right leg a little by the end of the run – not badly enough to stop her from running around but enough to notice.  It doesn’t seem to be anything serious – now an hour later she seems fine – but we’ll keep an eye on this.

It looks like the beautiful weather is going to continue for the weekend. Beautiful.