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She’s Home!!

IMG_0289This morning Toronto General discharged Sheila from the hospital and she’s here at home now enjoying some grapes and a cup of tea. A little later we’re going to go for a walk in the neighbourhood. The surgery (for those who haven’t been following, Sheila has been a living donor, having donated the right lobe of her liver so that someone who needs one can have a fighting chance) was last Wednesday, and so far her recovery has been straight-forward. They sent her home with a variety of medications, and she has to be careful to avoid lifting for a few weeks. She’ll continue to get stronger every day.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the past week!


This morning, Tuffy P was unhooked from the various tubes and wires and monitoring devices that have been attached to her since her surgery (to donate the right lobe of her liver to an anonymous recipient) last Wednesday.

Now she’s taking any medications by mouth. She’s also starting to eat solid food. There is talk that she may be sprung from the hospital tomorrow or the next day.


Tuffy P is walking














As most of you know, Tuffy P (AKA Sheila Gregory) donated the right lobe of her liver to an anonymous recipient on Wednesday. This morning she went for her first walk since the surgery. She managed to do one strong lap of the hospital floor before heading back to the room for a rest. Each day she should be a little stronger and if all goes well she’ll be back at home mid-week.

Here’s a little Dr John to help with the healing….

Two Thumbs Up














Today was a long day. We were at Toronto General at 6:00 AM and it was after 7:00 PM when I finally was able to see Tuffy P in the step-down unit after her surgery. She was remarkably alert after a bout of major surgery, and she was smiling!

Tuffy P donated the right lobe of her liver to an anonymous recipient today. We understand the other surgery went well too and we’re sending positive thoughts to the recipient and family for a full and speedy recovery.

Tuffy asked that I share this “two thumbs up” picture, and that I let everyone know that to find out more about being a living donor, to check out the Canadian Liver Foundation website.

We would like to thank all our friends and family for their awesome support!

Tuffy P’s at it again…

The other night I was sitting just about where I’m sitting now, practicing the banjo. In between my awkward and stumbling attempts at hammering out some tunes, I noticed the sound a tile makes when it’s being broken up with a tile nipper, so I sallied forth into the kitchen for a look. Sure enough, it was Tuffy P, at it again…

DSC04543She’s added a bunny and an orange mushroom and more mosaics to another pair of cupboards.


Tuffy P vs The 5th Dimension

Tuffy P works close by the CNE grounds. The other night she and one of her workmates visited the fair for the 5th Dimension show. Tuffy got a little carried away at the end of this video causing a system error. The camera simply couldn’t cope. Fortunately removing the battery and smart card and re-inserting them convinced the camera that everything was OK after all.

Flying Solo + messing around on the canjo

I’ve been flying solo this last week, as Tuffy P and her friend Suzanne have been in Baltimore and Washington having an adventure. Me and the dogs and cats have done OK on our own, but I miss Tuffy P and I’m glad she’ll be back this afternoon.

Today I ran some errands in the morning, then spent a couple hours grooming Ellie Mae and Memphis. I prefer grooming them in nicer weather so I can do it outside. You can’t imagine how much underfur I strip off Ellie and Memphis when I brush them down. I filled two plastic grocery store bags jammed with Newf hair. Memphis isn’t a fan of getting groomed. She behaves for it but when she sees the grooming tools come out, she fades into the background in the hopes that Ellie has to go first. Of course after grooming I have to sweep and then sweep again as bit of Newf fur floats around everywhere.

Still lots of time before I pick Tuffy up at the airport, so I sat down and played the oil can banjo for a while.