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Getting out

Amongst the chaos here at Casa 27th Street, including my injury, Memphis’ surgery and the painting of a few rooms in our house (including bookshelves), we have a house-guest – our friend Toni is in town from Glasgow. It’s always a treat to see Toni!… Read More

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Caption this…

Great to see Candy and Stagg tonight! Great dinner at 850 Degrees¬† here in Long Branch. The photo in this post is Stagg with Tuffy P in our kitchen….making coffee….but other captions are possible.

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Rino’s Kitchen with friends

In Windsor Ontario – met up with friends Vin and Basak for a fantastic dinner last night at Rino’s Kitchen. Great company, great meal too. Dinner involved pulled pork served on savoury waffles. Outrageously tasty. Off to Michigan today.

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In the Woods

I took Friday off work and headed up to the secret enchanted mushroom forests to do some foraging. I didn’t have high expectations because the rain we received mid-week wasn’t nearly enough to encourage a good flush of tasty edibles. However, wandering around a forest… Read More