Memphis is home!!!

Memphis returns home
Memphis returns home

After surgery yesterday, Memphis has returned home. She can walk, but she does require an assist with a sling to easily get up at this point. In two weeks she will get her staples out, and she is on restricted activity for some time (just like me!).

Some fiddle music from Kentucky (or Why Traditional Music #937)

Here’s a nice old video featuring Kentucky fiddler Marion Sumner accompanied by David Holt on guitar….

A Canadian Art Controversy? How unusual.

Perhaps you have read about it. the Vancouver Art Gallery has come into possession of 10 “new” works attributed to J.E.H. MacDonald, a member of Canada’s hallowed Group of Seven. Some doubts have been raised as to the authenticity of the paintings as reported by The Globe and Mail.

The story around these paintings suggests that MacDonald wrapped up and buried the pictures in the 30s to protect them, and they remained buried – safely – until the 70s. I find this part of the story to be incredible and fascinating. I’m a painter and I know plenty of painters. We all have storage problems. At one time I destroyed many of my paintings because I could neither find homes for them nor afford to continue to pay to keep storing them. Still, it never occurred to me to wrap up a bunch of them and go dig a hole in the garden and send them to a temporary grave.

Considering how to go about wrapping up 10 painting in such a way that they do not succumb to the various creepy-crawlies, moulds and fungi, all determined to turn them into a compost heap, makes my head ache. It is very peculiar behaviour. Stranger still is that the painter’s son must have known they were in the ground all those years because in the end he dug them up.

Why were only these paintings buried, and not others? Or, are we to expect other Group of Seven paintings to appear from various Ontario gardens. I’m very interested to see if this art controversy has legs.

Howard Hodgkin Powerhouse exhibition at the Aga Khan Museum

Howard Hodgkin

Looking for something to do this weekend – or next?  Take a few hours and explore the Aga Khan Museum which includes this stunning show.Aga Khan Feb 1

8 blistering works by Hodgkin +Visions Of Mughal India: The Collection of Howard Hodgkin

“In Indian painting I have found much that for me could be found nowhere else, but I cannot tell you what – I can only metaphorically wave my arms at the pictures – and say look!” – Howard HodgkinAga Khan Feb 2(directly above/below other works to discover while visiting the museum including – tile relief displays and a work from an Iranian 1550-1559 Folio ‘a Fal Nameh’ .  The ground floor of the museum showcases treasures from the permanent collection of the Aga Khan Museum. )   Aga Khan Feb3Aga Khan Feb 5The outdoor grounds of the museum also look promising when the plantings are unveiled and begin to bloom.

Stop by the cafe for fresh, delicate baklava before you leave this slice of paradise.

Iris DeMent

Iris DeMenta piano, a guitar, go ahead and go home, fluevog shoes, russian poetry in song, opening with mornin’ glory, chats about the weather, waitresses, clinking of plates, gospel and funeral songs. All seamlessly needle and threaded together by Iris DeMent last night.

“Knee Deep in the Hoopla” While in the Land of the Muskeg – Pilsen Quotation #1

After Wade Hemsworth songs, Huskies, Log Jams, Waltzes, etc. our guest from Pilsen exploded with the phrase Knee Deep in Hoopla! - and we are just getting this day started... heading for a walk with George and Memphis before hitting the road
After Wade Hemsworth songs, Huskies, Log Drivers Waltz, The Wild Goose and everything Mister Anchovy could muster,  Stagg explodes with the phrase: Knee Deep in the Hoopla – and we are just getting this day started… heading for a walk with George and Memphis before hitting the road

Oh no, we’ve lost Don Harron and Charlie Farquharson. RIP

When Don Harron created Charlie Farquharson, he created a character who, it seemed, was always around (at least as long as I can remember) giving us the straight goods on just about everything. We need the likes of Charlie around these parts. I read today that Don Harron has passed, age 90.  Charlie’s alter ego Mr. Harron did a few things on his own too – even hosted Morningside for 5 years, but it is Charlie I think he will be remembered for most.

Here’s a short sample of Charlie on Canadian politics (from YouTube)