Power outage….followed by snow

At suppertime yesterday, the guys demolishing the house over at #2 took out some power lines with a pop, knocking out power for at least the lower portion of 27th Street. The Hydro folks came out for a look very quickly, followed by a repair truck, and they had the power back on again in a couple hours.IMG_3366

Before the power came back on, persistent fluffy snowflakes started lofting down. We didn’t get a lot of snow, just enough to say, there, it’s April and everything is covered with a fresh coat of the white stuff. Just a couple hours earlier, Tuffy P was out in the front garden working on some spring garden clean-up. Spring will come…but not yet.

A brief thaw

I didn’t even need gloves out walking the Newfs this morning, a big change from last week’s cold. The ice has mostly melted out at the yacht club. I shot this brief video…

I didn’t see the snowy owls (again) but I talked to some enthusiasts. I say if you’re carrying around a lens as long as my arm on your camera, you qualify as an enthusiast.

Seen the owls?
Not today yet, saw them yesterday.
Saw the pair just up here yesterday morning.
They were out on the ice yesterday. A bit hard to see out there.
Just the ones on the docks out here.
There was one up in a tree the other day.



Oh where oh where did the owls go today?

This afternoon I bundled up, leashed the partners, and we trundled off to Col. Sam Smith Park to see the snowy owls. Two of them, apparently a male and female have been regularly seen hanging out on the docks in the yacht club harbour. Last year I looked for them numerous times with no success – I think I was just about the only person in the neighbourhood who didn’t see them. I’m not about to let that happen again this year. IMG_2817It was cold and grey out there and the wind was biting, a condition which the Newfs don’t mind at all (I’m less impressed). We talked to some people at the bridge who had seen both owls in the past couple days. We had all come out to check on them, it seems. Unfortunately, there were no owls to be seen, just owl watchers. I’ll be back on the weekend at some different times. I’d love to catch a glimpse of one of these beautiful huge birds.

Back in Town

In all the years I’ve maintained this blog and the Mister Anchovy’s blog before it, one thing I can say is that I have been a very regular blogger. Somewhere along the way I’ve developed the habit of blogging and the understanding that there are all kinds of posts I can create, and some of them can be very casual and personal.

During the past couple weeks it seems I’ve lost my rhythm. In my defense I’ve had two work-related trips to Edmonton and I didn’t try to blog while away. I returned from the latest trip today, landing in the midst of today’s nasty snowstorm.

IMG_2645I like Edmonton, by the way, even though on the first trip the weather made things difficult. This morning I noticed something strange at the Edmonton airport. At 6 AM the bars in the airport were open and there were actually some people hoisting a few before getting on their morning flights. Too early for this guy.

Today’s flight was rocky, turbulent. The seat-belt signs stayed on for most of the flight. We circled Toronto for a while before finally landing. During the storm, landing and getting to the gate were two very different things. The plows were busy keeping the runways clear and we parked for an eternity before a path to the gate was plowed out. I was so happy to finally get home late this afternoon.

Although I wanted very much to have a nap, instead I suited up and me and the dogs went out to do some shoveling. IMG_2646Georgie loves the snow so much. In the back yard he runs around, bounding, just being a goofy boy. Memphis got in the act as well, and they staged a wrassling match, like Godzilla vs Megalon. Great times. Dogs of course don’t have to shovel.

I don’t think I have to travel any more before Christmas, and although I enjoy the adventure and the challenges of this kind of trip, I’m OK with staying put here in Hogtown for a while.

IMG_2650Meanwhile I haven’t thought much about Christmas. We have family coming over and I’m doing the cooking so I’m going to have to think about that. I’m taking the week containing Christmas off this year, and I’m thinking maybe it’s time I made a batch of cabbage rolls and some home-made pirogi. I’m not totally committed to that idea yet – it’s a lot of work, but those foods bring back Christmas from my childhood, when my mom would cook for days and we would have a feast, at that time normally on Christmas Eve.

Early this morning….

IMG_2553It isn’t often we get snow before the Shishigashira sheds its leaves. By this afternoon, the snow was gone from the trees but there were still traces on the ground, and forecasts suggesting a little more is on the way. Well, bring it on….

Pink sky in the morning…

DSC07177Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight.Red sky at morning, shepherd take warning

What about pink sky? This morning the dawn sky had a peculiar pink tinge about it. Of course Tuffy P thought to take photos.

Another lovely January (March) morning

The freezing rain that was predicted for our area overnight didn’t materialize, We awoke to find our world snow-covered once again. As it turned out, it was actually a pleasant morning to walk the dogs, with the temperature just at or just above freezing.

I’d just like to ask Mother Nature to look up from the poker game and pay a bit of attention. It’s March 22, and we’re done with snow for this season, thank you very much. Trout season opens in just over a month – in fact my painting exhibition at Yumart here in Toronto, opens on the same day as trout season this year. In closer to two months, morels will be fruiting around here, and if you can find some, there will be tasty dinners ahead.

Morels always seem to come about a week later than I want them to. I’m usually out there looking well before they start fruiting. The challenge scouting for morels is that they don’t fruit until they fruit, and you won’t know if a likely spot pans out until you actually see the mushrooms.

It’s spring cleaning weekend for the dogs. Georgie is visiting our fantastic groomer Lorraine this morning and Memphis has her turn tomorrow morning. George is starting to get adult fur in. It started as a ring around his torso and the slightly darker and less fluffy big dog fur has been coming in down his back. Memphis has had a very thick coat this winter. This morning she managed to find burrs on walk. If Memphis walks anywhere near burrs, they get embedded deep in her coat instantly. Lorraine will strip out a lot of that old undercoat before she sheds it all over the house.


In Like a Lion?

In like a lion, out like a lamb, is that it? I just finished shoveling the overnight snow, maybe 6 or 7 cm of fluffy goodness. It’s cold and crisp, with little wind and the neighbourhood looks beautiful covered with fresh snow. It’s March though, and it’s time for this winter nonsense to gradually come to an end (please!). IMG_0367

The dogs of course love it. They staged a wrestling match out in the snow this morning and had a great time.