Quadrille des vieux par Réjean Simard

It’s about time I posted some Quebec accordion music around this joint…

Winse Saunders

I stumbled across Winse Saunders on the YouTube machine this evening. I don’t know anything about him except he’s from Newfoundland and he squeezes the hell out of that accordion of his. If any readers know anything about Mr. Saunders, please comment.

Some fantastic accordion playing from Quebec

Check out the videos posted on YouTube by antonincarla. I really enjoy this fellow’s playing. His name is Lauréat Caron. Here are some samples on three different boxes.

If these tunes interest you, I think you’ll enjoy all the music he has on his feed.

Yves Lambert before breakfast

Among the joys of a stay-cation is that I can dig up a Daily Dose anytime I feel like it. Here’s Yves Lambert, a favourite here at 27th Street, with his trio, performing Le Père Tanasse

Button Accordion – Graham Irvine Pipe Marches

I don’t know very much at all about Scottish button accordion music, but based on this performance, I could grow to like it quite a lot.

Yves Lambert

I had an opportunity to see Yves Lambert et le Bébert Orchestra play in San Antonio at the accordion festival a few years ago where they were among the highlights of the weekend. Your Daily Dose today features Quebec button accordionist Yves Lambert.

Here he is with Tommy Gauthier and Olivier Rondeau

Le Reel de Sherbrooke

For tonight’s Daily Dose, let’s listen to some different interpretations of a traditional Quebec Reel, Le Reel de Sherbrooke.