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Sawmill tunes

My brother and I were exchanging emails about tunes in modal or “sawmill” tuning. I like a lot of the modal tunes but I don’t play them that often on clawhammer. One I particularly like is Bonaparte’s March. Here are the Indian Creek Delta Boys.… Read More

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My experience at the Mid-west Banjo camp kick-started my learning and since I returned home I’ve wanted to play and play and play. With that kind of immersion experience you get exposed to a lot of ideas, but most of them require plenty of practice… Read More

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Raw Materials

DSC04495After finding that beautiful maple syrup can recently, I ordered up a neck from ebay. My other canjos have been “A” scale but this is a full length neck. It’s in pretty good shape and I think it will make a nice instrument….once I get around to finishing up the mountain banjo waiting in the workshop for my attention.