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Hop High Ladies

Some fiddle tunes go by different names in different places. One I play on clawhammer is Western Country, which is sometimes called Susananna Gal or Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss. Here’s another tune that goes by different names. In this first video, these guys… Read More

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More Canadian fiddle

I like to celebrate Canadian fiddle music from time to time here at 27th Street. Most people automatically associate “Old Time” music with Appalachia, but up here in Canada, we have a very well developed fiddle tradition. Calvin Vollrath is as good a fiddle player… Read More

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Steel Driving Man

John Henry has to be one of the most recorded songs ever. The story is basically an American tall tale.  Like so many of these folk tales, I can’t remember not knowing it. I think I knew it before I understood the story. John Henry… Read More

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Shady Grove

Shady Grove is a tune that has had a lot of play over the years. I always associate this one with Doc Watson. I learned to play a version of this tune when I started learning clawhammer, but stopped playing it for no real reason… Read More

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Cook a little Shortnin’ Bread

The tune Shortnin’ Bread must be embedded deep in the genetic code of Canadians and Americans. I can’t remember not knowing that melody. Some people might call it a kid’s tune, but there are versions whose lyrics are a little more adult oriented. The melody… Read More

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Missouri Borderlands

Here’s Joe Newberry performing his song, Missouri Borderlands. I had a chance to meet Joe Newberry in June of 2014 at the Midwest Banjo Camp. I took a class from him about a clawhammer banjo figure known as the “Galax Lick”. Let me say that… Read More