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Bad Man Stagger Lee

The tall tale of Stagger Lee has been recorded countless times in many styles. The bad man Stagger Lee has been Stacker Lee, Stack-O-Lee, Stack Pole and more. We all know what happened. That bad old Stagger Lee killed Billy Lyons over a $5 Stetson… Read More

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Hey all you cowboys….

Good-bye old paint. Here’s Meredith Axelrod Also nice on squeezebox, from Sqwzbox… I also really like this performance by Bruce Molsky, with Brittany Haas and Paula Bradley… Let’s go out with Tex Ritter…

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Cluck Old Hen

Cluck Old Hen is one of my fave banjo tunes. It’s all about a hen, a hen that lays enough eggs for the railway men. The only problem is, truth be told she hasn’t laid an egg since way last spring or maybe way last… Read More

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Buffalo Gals

I love Dave Hum’s treatment of this chestnut…he was a magical banjo player It’s a nice one for button accordion too…Lester Bailey And finally, an old time fiddle and clawhammer treatment, featuring Travis Brink and Dean Barber, under a bridge in Plano Texas.

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Diamond Joe vs Diamond Joe

There are two completely different tunes (that I know of) called Diamond Joe, which appear to be unrelated. The first one is a cowboy song. I first heard it from an Ian Tyson record back in the early 80s, but it’s a tune that has… Read More

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Black Eyed Suzie

Here is the Gladson Family Band performing Black Eyed Suzie. In Old Time Music, vocals can come in at almost anytime. Sometimes only a verse or two is sung, while at other times many, many verses are sung. The brief bit of singing in this… Read More

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Channeling Hank Snow?

I only know the music of Meredith Axelrod via YouTube. I know she lives out on the west coast, and I also know she sometimes plays with another performer I really admire, Frank Fairfield. I don’t know if she has any recorded material available (if… Read More

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Hop High Ladies

Some fiddle tunes go by different names in different places. One I play on clawhammer is Western Country, which is sometimes called Susananna Gal or Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss. Here’s another tune that goes by different names. In this first video, these guys… Read More