A visit from Vibe and Salvelinas

Yesterday my brother the trout, Salvelinas Fontinalis, came by for the afternoon, along with his lovely border collie Vibe.IMG_3406IMG_3404

“Vibe doesn’t go up on furniture”, says Salvelinas, proudly. Hmmm. I suppose that is sort of true. Vibe goes up on the humans that are on the furniture. Vibe is the sweetest dog. He is very gently and just loves getting pats from everyone he can.

Good Morning Long Branch – Fresh dog biscuits going in the oven 7:30 am

George watching the dog biscuitsThe only thing blocking me from popping these oatmeal, bacon, peanut butter and parmesean dog biscuits into the oven is 145lbs of George!  Good Morning from 27th Street!

Long Branch Good Morning from 27th Street Aug 5th

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Yabba Doo!  Happy Birthday Georgie!! Way to go!!! 139 lbs of love!

George on his 1st birthday Aug 5 2014
Wipeout! “G” – after chasing an ice cube around the floor this morning…



Mem and George
ready to hit the trail… but first… there is a box of timbits to investigate…
Georgie! Aug 2 2014
Being good… this is not how the day ended for George…. but right now, right here, he is being the best doggie in the universe…


Geo and Mem in car
Loaded!! George and Memphis with us as we hit the road today
Geo and Mem 2
The look that says – got snacks? …ok I’ll take some cold air instead….
Geo and Mem3
George considering moving in with Memphis in the backseat…
Mem in the back seat Aug 2