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Roses are red….

We are not big rose growers. We don’t know much about them and I confess we are inattentive to their specific needs. However, one rose bush came with the house. Tuffy P cut it right back this year, and it has responded with a small… Read More

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Tomato Train

I’ve tried growing tomatoes here at 27th Street but conditions are marginal because of shade from all the mature trees on and around the property. At our last home, on Blackthorn Ave, we had a small garden but it got a lot of sun and… Read More

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Roseland Plant Sale

This morning we visited the Roseland Horticultural Society’s annual plant sale at Eglinton Flats. This sale is a great opportunity to buy a really good variety of plants at very reasonable prices – we try to attend each year.

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The S Garden

I completed digging and preparing the S garden today, then did some initial planting. The trouble with a new garden is that it always takes a year or two before it starts to grow in and feel like it hasn’t just been planted – but… Read More

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New Garden

I cut a new garden today. There is no longer a grassy area separating the path garden and the locust tree garden. The tree garden had a river rock border and I extended that into the new garden making the stones into an S-curve. I… Read More

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Beautiful morning

What a lovely morning! The sun is warm with a gentle cooling south breeze from the lake. Perfect. We took the dogs for a long walk, stopping to let them enjoy a morning dip. Today is going to be mostly dedicated to working on the… Read More