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Greening up

Each time I go out for a physio appointment, I see that the front garden is greening up more and more. I was a little worried about our Japanese Maple, as the leaves seemed to be appearing on some branches more than others, but as… Read More

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Don’t eat these mushrooms

Several Amanita chipbowlius have appeared in the front garden. You can see that this one came up among some young sorel plants. The distinctive “chip bowl” mushroom often gravitates toward herbs in the garden. They are easy to identify – woody stalks and broad caps… Read More

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Elephant Ear

Tuffy P found this huge elephant ear (Colocasia) on sale somewhere or another and has planted it in the barrel planter out front. What an exotic addition to the front gardens.

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May Gardens

Tuffy P has been working hard on the gardens, cleaning them up, enhancing them and getting them into shape for the season. Here’s a little slide show featuring some of the things happening in the front gardens.

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Plant Sale

Tuffy P just got back from the annual plant sale the Roselands Horticultural Society puts on up at Eglinton Flats. Many of the plants come from the gardens of members of Roselands. Over the years we’ve purchased many healthy plants at prices much lower than… Read More

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The Emerging Garden

Each time I go out for physiotherapy, more has burst to life in the garden. I haven’t been able to get out there to work the garden at all this spring with my messed up ankle, but Tuffy P has been doing a great job… Read More