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These beautiful yellow flowers come from our neighbour’s garden across the street, but we don’t know where she got them (the other day she asked if they came from our garden). They look like some variety of yellow primrose. These are really showy when they… Read More

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We have loads of catnip growing out in the back garden. I harvested some today, which I’m going to dry in my mushroom dehydrator. When I bought it in and cut it up, the cats were having a great time chewing down leaves!

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Grain Scoop Planters

These planters used to be grain scoops from a mill. The metal units are bolted to a thick belt material. They come in 3s and 5s at Nice Old Stuff in Jarvis. I installed these beside the sliding doors on the deck.

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New Plant Stand

It used to be a light fixture. Now it’s a plant stand. I installed it this morning, successfully beating the rain. We found the plant stand yesterday, hiding in the back garage at Nice Old Stuff (near the pillars we also brought home, and past… Read More

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Live – Dream

Some of you will recall the word ‘dream’ floating about in our garden. We found a new word on a stick yesterday when we visited Nice Old Stuff in Jarvis. Can you find the two words in the garden?

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Summer Days

Well, summer has arrived. I mostly missed spring this year, more or less couped up and healing my messed up ankle. In the last couple weeks I’ve been getting out into the garden, and yesterday I did my first bit of garden work. We have… Read More

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We have several peonies in our front garden. It’s a fairly shady garden and ours are typically a week or so behind other neighbourhood peonies. I’ve been following the progress of the bloom cycle for the first of them and I took this shot yesterday.I… Read More