Late Summer Garden

I love the way the gardens evolve through the season.  The past few weeks we’ve been busy with other projects and we’ve given them little attention. Today we were out there giving the gardens some much needed TLC.

We also added some new plants, from our friend Ruth’s garden. Ruth has been tending a delightful garden tucked in beside her warehouse/studio building, but now train track expansion beside the building is threatening her garden. Fortunately, we have some garden space right now, as we’ve recently removed a hedge between our property and the property to the north of us, leaving excellent potential for new gardens. IMG_2289IMG_2283

The fall gardens are not so showy as they are in high summer, but they instead offer maturity and rich earth tones.


A cat called Jack Shadbolt
A cat called Jack Shadbolt

Hedge no more

IMG_2039Yesterday we had the large barberry hedge removed between our house and our neighbours to the north. this has opened up an opportunity to really make this garden sing! We likely won’t do a lot to it this year, but next spring it will be a project.

Garden Update

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Roses are red….

IMG_1652We are not big rose growers. We don’t know much about them and I confess we are inattentive to their specific needs. However, one rose bush came with the house. Tuffy P cut it right back this year, and it has responded with a small number of very beautiful blooms.