Rossi and Toni’s Garden

Since Rossi’s stroke, two significant things have changed. The first is he has to be underfoot at all times. Now we have to be so careful we don’t step on the little guy because he gets tangled up in our feet. The second change is an obsessive need to go through any door that opens. Now if we open a door we have to check for Rossi before closing. This morning I took the shot above just before hopping into my car on my way to work. Rossi saw me heading to my car and was trying to get himself tangled up in my feet one more time before I left. Beside Rossi is the garden that our friend Toni created when she stayed with us recently.

I also took a shot of our front garden this morning. We now have three colours of irises blooming and many other flowers including plenty of allium. Peonies will bloom any day. I added a star shaped item to the clematis trellis, to the side. It’s a bit hard to see in the photo because of the barberry hedge behind, but you can see the clematis, which had run out of trellis, leaning on it.


The irises in our front garden come from my brother Salvelinas’ garden. They’re really beautiful this year, especially the purple ones.



When I created the perennial garden up front last year, my brother gave me a bunch of irises from his garden. They’re all in bloom now and they have become a June showpiece in the garden.