Two red cats goofing around on the deck

Here’s another video by Tuffy P, this one starring Jacques and Jack Shadbolt, our two red cats. Not a lot happens in this video until the very end when they take off after a bird (no birds were harmed in the making of this video), so if you were expecting a plot line or anything like that, you’re in for a let down.

Jacques takes us for a walk

I’m mentioned here before that our cat Jacques likes to go on walks with us. Tuffy P caught a bit of the action on video on this cold frosty morning.


Every year I plant some catnip in different areas of the garden for the cats to enjoy. It never gets a chance to naturalize because they eat it, roll in it, drag it away, dig it up and so on. Jacques discovered the catnip today. In the first photo, he has completely enveloped the plant with his body.