A number of people have found this blog recently after asking that magician Mr. Google for the location of King Boletes in Ontario. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, these are the tremendously tasty edible forest mushrooms also known as Porcini. I have a message for those searchers. If you do find that secret location you’ve been looking for, remember that you’re going to need someone to validate the ID of those mushrooms, so I suggest you send the locations to me immediately. I’ll make sure you don’t eat anything you ought to stay away from. Thank you.

Where’s the King?

Yesterday, someone landed on this little chunk of paradise after entering “King Bolete Ontario Map” in a search engine.  King Boletes are Boletus edulis. They have a number of common names, but you may know them best as Porcini – the little pig mushrooms. These mushrooms are available commercially in dried form, and are very delicious with strong earthy flavour once reconstituted. I read somewhere that many of the porcini available commercially are imported from China. Who knew?

It is wishful thinking to expect a King Bolete Ontario Map to exist, but given how tasty they are, I can’t blame the searcher for searching. Let me assure you all that I don’t have any such map. In fact, I’ve yet to stumble into a King Bolete spot. One day I will, and when I do, I will surely go to great length to disguise its location. Sorry about that friends.

However, if you happen to be the proud owner of what you believe to be a King Bolete Ontario Map, I know you will need help authenticating it. Just send it over here and I’ll check out all the spots marked on it this fall and let you know if it is a quality map or not.  This is a service I’m willing to provide out of the goodness of my heart.