Snowing all day

It’s been snowing all day around 27th Street. The roads are pretty bad. I had a close call driving on the Queensway, even though I have snow tires on my Forester. I touched my breaks and I guess there was a patch of ice under the snow. Fortunately there was no traffic, as I did 3/4 of a spin, came to a stop, repositioned, and continued on my way.

The partners of course love the snow. Here’s a very brief video of Memphis and Georgie goofing around…

Early this morning….

IMG_2553It isn’t often we get snow before the Shishigashira sheds its leaves. By this afternoon, the snow was gone from the trees but there were still traces on the ground, and forecasts suggesting a little more is on the way. Well, bring it on….


It started snowing not long after we returned from the cinema and it’s still coming down. We just shoveled about 5 cm of fluffy and if it keeps up we’ll have that much more by morning.  The dogs enjoyed a walk in the snow, although they were getting little snowballs jammed up in their paws and had to make a number of stops to pull them out.  I don’t recall getting this much snow at any one time last year.

UPDATE: Morning
Plenty more snow overnight….fluffy and beautiful.

Alleged Snow

Who would believe parts of the GTA would have an accumulation of snow this late into April, especially after the “non-winter” that was. Not me. It must be some kind of hoax.


No snow, and I’m OK with that

Last night I heard serious storm warnings on the radio. I was going to awake to the biggest snow storm of the season, to many centimetres of snow on the ground. Instead, there was some light rain.

This morning I listened to a radio station that offered some serious storm watch coverage. In fact, that’s all they talked about, one special report after another. They must have sold sponsorship on the storm that never materialized. I’d like to report that here in Toronto by the lake there is exactly no snow on the  ground.

It won’t be many more sleeps until we’re out of February and it’s all uphill from there.

The Toboggan Hill

There’s just enough snow on the ground to bring out the kids with every kind of toboggan, sled, chunk of plastic you can think of to slide down the hill at the Filtration Plant.

No Fear Here

Word on the street has it we’re in for a little snow. Storm of the month. Storm of the year. Storm of the decade. The Century. A horizontal wall of white. Bring it on, Ma Nature. I’ve got my trusty plastic shovel, warm mittens, a nice long scarf, and two Newfoundland dogs. I’m ready, Teddy , to rock & roll.

When winter is beautiful…

We were just out for a walk with the dogs. It’s snowing out, a fluffy snow that accumulates in the most delicate way. The brisk wind of early in the evening is absent now. The neighbourhood is quiet as a white blanket gently covers the ground. Our Newfoundland dogs Memphis and Ellie Mae love the fresh snow. They like to eat the snow as if the world were their snowcones, and poke their noses in, checking for whatever it is they have to check for, and sometimes they like to roll in the fresh snow and make doggy snow angels.



We had a little snowstorm in Anchovy-town this morning. Here are the girls out in the backyard after playing with their buddies at the dog park. It stopped after about five inches of snow fell. Beautiful.