Tuffy P has a blog…

Sheila Gregory, who many 27th Street visitors know as the fantastic Tuffy P, has a blog. Initially it was a place she could send people who wanted to look at images of her paintings. Recently though, she has started a series of photo posts she calls The Left Overs.

Please take a few minutes to pop over for a visit and say hi!

Out for dinner with friends….

We enjoyed dinner out tonight with friends at Anatolia, a Turkish restaurant in the former Etobicoke, just a 10 minute drive north of where we live. It turned out to be an early birthday celebration for Tuffy P, whose birthday is actually this coming Sunday.

A big thank you goes out to our friends tonight. We had a great time, with great food, conversation, a brief history lesson, a touch of trivia and even some (sort of) fortune telling action.

IMG_2927We started dinner with a table full of appetizers. I can’t begin to tell you the names of them all – just that they were all super-tasty. For a main course, I had a mixed grill – a crazy amount of delicious food, especially after all the appetizers. It came with beef Kofte, chicken kebab, spicy Adana kebab as well as lamb kebabs, all beautifully grilled and served with rice, bulgur, yogurt and yufka, a thin unlevened bread.

I recommend Anatolia if you’re in Etobicoke (it’s located in a strip mall on Dundas near Kipling) and you’re looking for terrific food at moderate prices. It’s a great place to go with friends. We’ve dined there a number of times over the years and it has never disappointed.



Mr. T on a Sunday morning

So, I roll out of bet at around 6:30 to find Tuffy P re-organizing the junk drawer, cleaning the coffee-maker and waiting for me to haul my butt out of the sack to take the dogs out for their Sunday morning constitutional. The junk drawer is like a tardis, modest in size from the outside but infinite on the inside, and yes it does have time travel capability. She found this in the drawer….

Who doesn’t want one of these?

Connected to this house, by a lovely dutch door on the inside is this greenhouse potting shed....so civilized...dutch doors too!
Connected by a lovely *dutch door on the inside of this house (*not visible) is this greenhouse potting shed….so civilized…dutch doors too!
Salvia and bearded Iris.   Like the Harlequin Maple tree, I'd never seen an Iris quite as crazy as this one. Flower power to the max.
Salvia and bearded Iris. Like the Harlequin Maple tree, I’d never seen an Iris quite as crazy as this one. Flower power to the max.  Tuffy P signing out for the night…. I will be back guest posting soon. Woof!

She’s Home!!

IMG_0289This morning Toronto General discharged Sheila from the hospital and she’s here at home now enjoying some grapes and a cup of tea. A little later we’re going to go for a walk in the neighbourhood. The surgery (for those who haven’t been following, Sheila has been a living donor, having donated the right lobe of her liver so that someone who needs one can have a fighting chance) was last Wednesday, and so far her recovery has been straight-forward. They sent her home with a variety of medications, and she has to be careful to avoid lifting for a few weeks. She’ll continue to get stronger every day.

Thank you to everyone for all your support over the past week!


This morning, Tuffy P was unhooked from the various tubes and wires and monitoring devices that have been attached to her since her surgery (to donate the right lobe of her liver to an anonymous recipient) last Wednesday.

Now she’s taking any medications by mouth. She’s also starting to eat solid food. There is talk that she may be sprung from the hospital tomorrow or the next day.

Tuffy P is walking














As most of you know, Tuffy P (AKA Sheila Gregory) donated the right lobe of her liver to an anonymous recipient on Wednesday. This morning she went for her first walk since the surgery. She managed to do one strong lap of the hospital floor before heading back to the room for a rest. Each day she should be a little stronger and if all goes well she’ll be back at home mid-week.

Here’s a little Dr John to help with the healing….