Yesterday between 6:00 and 6:30 pm, I was with the dogs in the dog park at the filtration plant, next to Sam Smith Park. I was talking to the owner of another Newfoundland who comes to the park when we noticed this helicopter getting lower and lower over the yacht club down by the water. It hovered for a minute and then landed. From where we were it was difficult to see exactly where it landed but it must have been either in the yacht club where the boats are wintered or in the field just to the east of that. We figured it was there on a rescue as it was one of the ORNGE helicopters. Shortly after, we heard sirens and then watched an ambulance followed in a few minutes by a fire truck and then a police car and then another fire truck. It turns out it landed because there was a problem with the helicopter and not to make a rescue. Fortunately everyone was safe.


There’s a barge over at the Yacht Club at Sam Smith Park. I wondered what that was all about but Friends of Sam Smith Park provided the answer:

We heard via the grapevine that the old dock ramp is being replaced by a new ramp as it is obsolete. Also the club is installing 5 new extensions to the existing docks presumably to accommodate more boats. The barge is a drilling barge. They need to install anchors to the harbour bed to hold chains which attach to the dock.

…days fly away

What a pleasant weekend for November! Still, I know winter is very close at hand because they have been hauling the boats out of the water down at the yacht club. Last week I could see the top of the crane beyond the hill and the boats filling up the yard. The clocks have moved back but this morning, it was still dark when I took the dogs out. And with the time change, it’s going to be dark for the evening walk as well. Time to keep a little flashlight in my pocket or clipped to my cap.

Neighbours walking their dogs told us tonight a coyote was active over in Sam Smith Park. We walked through there with Memphis and Ellie Mae but didn’t see the coyote. Memphis picked us some scents she was very interested in but who knows, that could be anything. Another neighbour saw a coyote a couple weeks ago on the filtration plant land. Back in the summer, I saw one trotting along the sidewalk on Lake Prominade. It turned up 25th and by the time I got to the corner, had disappeared. The coyotes are around, but they seem to mind their own business.

With the generally cooler weather, our Newfoundlands have been more active. We see this with Ellie Mae in particular. A couple days ago, she was running around chasing and barking at other dogs in the dog park. Those readers who know Ellie, know that she likes to go out to the park, but normally lies down and simply watches the action, content to wait for people to come over to give her a pat. She was so unusually active, someone was heard to say, “Look at that…is that Ellie Mae?”