Trouble in Mind

Trouble in Mind is a song that has been around the block a time or two. It was written by a jazz piano player named Richard M. Jones and recorded first in 1924 by Themla La Vizzo (vocals) and Jones on piano.

Here’s an old-time version by the Locust Honey String Band…

Jerry Lee Lewis does a great version….

It works as a Western Swing tune too. Here are Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.

And it’s a pure blues…Big Bill Broonzy






T-Model Ford

At one time I listened to a lot of blues music. Back in the early 80s when I was in university, I would go into the listening room at the York U library and sign out all sorts of obscure blues records, and sit down at one of the listening stations – each one of them had a turn-table and head-phones, and listen while I worked on assignments (some days I may have done more listening and less working).

I was attracted to blues that emphasized the song and the groove and I was never much interested in extended blues guitar solos.   Over the years, my musical tastes changed quite a bit, and I found myself listening to less and less blues, but still there are some performers who get my attention anytime I hear them. T-Model Ford is one of those. Ford was born in the early 20s and passed last summer. He didn’t start a musical career until he was in his early 70s. Here are a few performances I really enjoy, found on YouTube…


Coyote in the Park

I was out with the dogs this early morning, walking along the south side of the R.L. Clark water filtration plant, when a coyote emerged up the hill from the lake. It didn’t so much as look in our direction, but trotted along the trail away from us. At the fork in the trail, the coyote chose left toward Humber College. I could see it trotting along through the trees. This is the second coyote I’ve seen since we moved to Long Branch. The first time, it was trotting west along Lake Prominade toward me, turned up 25th St. and disappeared, perhaps into somebody’s yard.

Country & Western

Remember Country & Western music? Somewhere along the way the “Western” part disappeared and everything went to hell. Let’s listen to some vintage Ernest Tubb…

And here’s Floyd Tillman Drivin Nails in my Coffin…

Remember Lefty Frizzell? Saginaw Michigan…

Let’s close with the Pavarotti of the Plains, the most excellent Don Walser singing his signature tune Rolling Stone from Texas. (Warning: contains awesome yodelling)


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