David Bromberg at Hugh’s Room

It was a great treat to be at Hugh’s Room tonight for David Bromberg’s solo performance. I like a lot of things about David Bromberg. He’s a remarkably eclectic musician and it seems that he creates his shows on the fly without a set list. He plays what he feels like playing. At one point tonight he morphed an old jug band tune into a Wooly Bully audience singalong – not something I ever would have expected.

I love the way David Bromberg serves up a song – great timing, creative guitar work, with just enough drama in the vocals and occasionally a spoken word story contained within the song. I wish you all could have been there with us.

I didn’t take any photos at the show tonight. I used to try to take a few shots at shows but more recently, I prefer to put away the camera and simply enjoy the performance. There is some excellent video of Mr. Bromberg performing available on YouTube though, if you don’t know his work. Here he is performing Mr. Bojangles from 2011.


Affordable Housing, South Long Branch (Toronto) – developers need not apply

IMG_2472This log cabin style home brings a bit of the country into the city – and it features a modest upstairs apartment.

More affordable is this older model home. It’s basic in construction but it has housed several happy families in the past, keeping everyone snug and comfortable. IMG_2479Those interested in some more adventurous architecture will enjoy the Rose A-Frame model, on a large, well-treed lot.IMG_2482And yes, for those who enjoy the condo lifestyle, Long Branch has something for you too. This small condo, with an attractive “barnboard” facade, is conveniently located near a rail line, and features 10 deluxe apartments.IMG_2484


Salad bowl banjo update

Back to work on a project I should have completed in the summer. The magnolia bench project took up much of my attention in August and September and so progress on this banjo slowed right down.

Today I completed the basic shaping of the neck.

IMG_2465IMG_2460IMG_2467On the neck itself I need to do the finishing work, and as well I have to drill and ream 5 holes for the pegs. I’m using violin pegs. I’ll have to shape those some, and I have a handy-dandy device which resembles a swanky pencil sharper and quickly sizes and shapes the ebony pegs. The holes have to be shaped as well to match the taper of the pegs, and to do that I have another handy device called a reamer.

The other thing missing on the neck is the nut. This is a piece of bone which I’ll shape to fit at the top of the the fingerboard and slot for the strings with tiny files. After that, the next step is to fit the “dowel stick” portion of the neck construction through the salad bowl. After that, all that’s left to do is stretch the skin on the salad bowl, fit the tail-piece and finally string it up.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. This banjo is one of a pair of banjos for which my friend Jamie is turning the salad bowls and shaping the tail-pieces.