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If I was a mole in the ground, I’d root that mountain down….

Here’s Jerron Paxton again…

I think of the Jerron Paxton version as being about the song, but Dwight Diller’s version is more about the groove.

And one more, this time in a band setting, with a jug band feel. Here is The East River Stringband with guests R. Crumb, Dom Flemmons and Joe Lauro.

This tune was most famously recorded by Bascom Lamar Lunsford in 1928, which was included on the Harry Smith Anthology. However, Lunsford didn’t write it, and in fact claimed to have known it since 1901.

Wikipedia points out that Bob Dylan echoed a line from this song. In the older tune the line is, Cause a railroad man will kill you when he can…and drink up your blood like wine. On Blonde on Blonde, Dylan recorded Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again in 1966, containing the line: Mona tried to tell me…to stay away from the train line….she said that all the railroad men just drink up your blood like wine.

Here’s Luther Dickinson doing a really nice cover of the Dylan tune…I can’t resist including it here.

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More wild mushrooms at the Comfort Food Diner

What to do when your crazy banjo-picking mushroom-foraging neighbour thinks he’s being a nice guy and gives you a bowl of freshly picked wild Ontario mushrooms? Don’t worry friends, I’m here to help you out.

My first tip is that wild mushrooms love eggs (for my vegan friends I’ll have to come up with another tip). The first thing you’ll want to do is heat up a pan with a little vegetable oil (I prefer something like canola oil for this particular dish – the smoking point is a bit too low with olive oil). Add in loads of wild mushrooms. I like to add a sprinkle bbq spice at this point. Any spice mix you like will work, but I particularly like a good steak spice mix.

It’s a good thing you have a crazy mushroom-foraging friend. Otherwise you’d have to wander around in the woods looking for your own mushrooms. IMG_3929You likely know this, but just in case you haven’t cooked mushrooms outside of soup or pizza, when you cook mushrooms, they give off water at first. Don’t panic, just keep them cooking on a medium heat. Once the water disappears, they’ll start to brown and will begin to crisp up. I like them when they look like the mushrooms in the picture, just starting to crisp on the edges. At our house, at just that instant, the smoke alarm goes off every time, even though the stove fan is working just fine. I holler, “we’re cooking”, and hit the off button with a wooden spoon. It’s a ritual around here.

Reserve the mushrooms, and heat up the pan again.

Next step is to make an omelet. I made a 3-egger tonight. I crack the eggs into a bowl and add a little splash of milk, then beat them together for about 20 seconds with a fork. Pour the eggs into the hot pan and swirl them around. There are two kinds of people, those that pull back the edges of their omelet and swirl the uncooked egg back around the edges, and those other folks who just leave it be. I’m an unrepentant egg puller and swirler.

IMG_3930When your omelet is almost cooked, sprinkle a wee bit of salt and fresh ground pepper over it, then pour your cooked mushrooms on top. IMG_3931Next, just fold and serve. Perfect with toast (and OK I’ll admit it, I like ketchup with my omelets).IMG_3933Delicious with a cool ale.

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The Comfort Food Diner

As I mentioned earlier, I foraged for tasty edible mushrooms for a couple hours this morning. I gave some of these to one of our neighbours from 28th Street, who in turn brought me some home-made pierogi. Yum!

I had some nice sausages from Starskeys in the fridge so I fired up the bbq and grilled those up. When they were done, I fried up a generous quantity of 3 different Ontario mushrooms , added the pierogi (they came to me cooked so I just fried them up for a few minutes), then cut up some bbq sausage and tossed it into the mix.

IMG_3926Super-delicious summer dinner.

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A (fun) test for my ankle

Early this morning, I drove up to the enchanted mushroom forest to see if I could find some tasty edibles for dinner. I hadn’t been in the forest since messing up my ankle, and I wasn’t sure how well I’d do, but I picked a couple reliable spots that didn’t require so much walking as some some other places I know. Normally I would take the dogs, but I didn’t this time. I’m not yet fully confident handling two big dogs, and as well, Memphis is still not 100% from her surgery, and I did not want to take one but not the other.

I did OK for a couple hours of (careful) foraging. By the end of that adventure my foot was sore and I could feel the swelling come up some, so I stopped and headed back to Twenty Seventh Street. I took a nap when I got home, elevating my foot, and it feels quite a bit better now.

DSC00450I did find plenty of mushrooms for dinner. The ones pictured here are hedgehog buttons, small but tasty.


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Free Books!


I notice there are several new selections in the 27th Street Book Box today, fiction and non-fiction. This little library is located in front of 15 Twenty Seventh Street. Ready for a new read? Come by and pick up a book or two, or if you’ve just finished a good one, there might be room to squeeze it in.

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These beautiful yellow flowers come from our neighbour’s garden across the street, but we don’t know where she got them (the other day she asked if they came from our garden). They look like some variety of yellow primrose. These are really showy when they come into bloom and add a blast of colour to the front gardens.

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In the Jailhouse Now

I was thinking about a recording I have on CD of Doc Watson performing an old tune usually credited to Jimmie Rodgers, called In the Jailhouse Now – so I popped onto the YouTube machine to see if there are any other interesting performances of this standard. I found this wonderful version featuring Webb Pierce and friends….

Of course there are many other tunes about doing time. The Everly Brothers did a nice version of this next tune, but digging a bit deeper I found a lovely rendition by Jason and Pharis Romero – I’m Here to get my Baby out of Jail

This could be a very long post, but I’ll limit it to one more. Here are Social Distortion covering Folsom Prison Blues

Homework: check out Was (not Was) – Hi Dad, I’m in Jail